Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abnegation the act of relinquishing or abandoning, as a right, role, or good.
carouse to revel in a boisterous and drunken manner.
chagrin embarrassment or humiliation arising from disappointment or failure.
egoism the tendency to evaluate everything in relation to one's own interests; self-centeredness.
facilitate to make less difficult; help in the doing of.
fatalism a belief or doctrine that the events of life are predetermined and cannot be altered by human free will.
gubernatorial of or pertaining to the office of governor or to a governor.
horticulture the art or science of growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, or ornamental plants.
ignominious characterized by or associated with disgrace, dishonor, or shame; humiliating.
incense2 to make very angry.
laggard someone or something that falls behind the expected pace.
oblivion the state or condition of being entirely forgotten.
possessive having a strong desire to own and keep things.
rectify to put right or correct (a bad situation, injustice, or the like); remedy.
verve energetic enthusiasm; liveliness.