Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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axiom an obvious or generally accepted principle.
bromide a bland or trite remark or idea.
choleric having a quick temper; easily angered.
contagion the spreading of a disease by contact or close association.
dossier a set of papers or documents that provide detailed information on a particular person or subject.
hegemony predominance of one country or social group over others by virtue of leadership or influence.
ingrate an ungrateful person.
peccadillo a minor sin or offense, or a slight fault.
profess to claim or state as true.
resolute having or showing firmness, determination, or resolve.
savant a person of deep learning; scholar.
skepticism distrust or disbelief, or a general tendency to doubt and question.
syncopate in music, to make (a rhythm) more complex as by accenting beats that are not normally accented or employing rests where accented beats would be expected.
trepidation a condition of anxiety or dread; alarm.
vituperate to condemn sharply; blame; berate.