Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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adversity a condition of trouble or difficulty.
bulwark a wall or wall-like structure, often made of earth and used for defense; rampart.
connive to join secretly in a plot; conspire.
fissure a narrow crevice or other opening, especially one caused by splitting.
increment a rise or addition in number or value, often small.
intimacy the condition of being close in friendship or otherwise intimate.
intransigent refusing to alter an idea or a position in response to others' wishes; uncompromising.
macabre of, pertaining to, depicting, or evoking death or the horrors of death; gruesome; ghastly.
noxious harmful, dangerous, or destructive, especially to health.
prevalent generally accepted; pervasive; widespread.
retention the act or process of maintaining the possession or use of.
sprightly lively, spirited, or energetic.
tawdry falsely showy; cheap and gaudy.
tumultuous full of noise, commotion, or disorder; riotous.
visage the face of a person, statue, or the like, especially in regard to its appearance or expression.