Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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clairvoyant possessing the ability to see or know things that are beyond the five senses.
deficit The amount by which something is less than what is needed. A deficit of money is caused by spending more than has been taken in.
elaboration the act or an instance of adding explanatory material or detail, or the material or detail so added.
equilibrium a state of balance between two or more forces.
felicity an instance or condition of great happiness; bliss.
odoriferous having or spreading a scent, especially a pleasant or fragrant one.
ogle to look or stare at (someone) in a lustful or flirtatious manner.
penitent feeling or showing sorrow or regret for having done wrong.
perspicacity keenness of mental perception or grasp; astuteness.
posit to propose or suggest as an account of something or as a contribution to an understanding of something.
profundity that which involves great insight or intellectual depth.
recession1 a period of reduced or declining economic activity.
terse effectively brief and to the point; concise; pithy.
unconscionable not restrained or guided by a concern for what is right and just; unprincipled.
vanquish to subdue or defeat by or as if by greater force; conquer; overcome.