Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amplitude the state or quality of being ample; largeness.
derange to cause to be mentally ill.
dole to deal out or distribute (food, money, or the like) in small amounts to needy people (usually followed by "out").
histrionic done in a theatrical, emotional, or affected manner; overly dramatic.
invective strongly abusive or denunciatory speech or language.
irrefutable impossible to disprove; indisputable.
minuscule so small as to be almost negligible; tiny.
onslaught a forceful, often sudden, offensive maneuver; attack.
parable a very short story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
pragmatic concerned with actual causes and effects rather than abstract theories or ideas; practical.
precept a basic rule, principle, or directive that guides action, moral conduct, or thought.
sojourn to live for a short time in a place; stay temporarily.
speculative of, pertaining to, or based on conjecture or theorizing.
tractable easy to manage or guide; docile.
virtuoso a person who demonstrates exceptional ability, style, or skill, especially in music.