Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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compile to gather information together to form one written work.
contrive to plan in a clever way; invent.
credulity an inclination to believe or trust, especially without sufficient basis or evidence; gullibility.
curvature the condition of being bent or rounded.
ebullient highly enthusiastic, happily excited, or spirited.
grassroots originating with or operating among the common people.
irascible easily angered or irritated; short-tempered.
irreparable impossible to repair, restore, or rectify.
malediction the expression of a wish that evil or harm come to someone; curse.
manifold abundant and varied.
regress to go back or backwards, as in reverting to an earlier form or stage of development.
segregate to separate or place apart from others.
traverse to go over, along, or through; cover or cross.
treatise a detailed and formal written work, usually dealing systematically with a single theme or subject.
unvaried marked by a lack of diversity; never changing.