Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affirmation the act of affirming.
allusive abounding in or characterized by indirect references to culture, history, or other works of art, which are to be recognized or understood by the audience.
antipodes places directly opposite each other on the surface of the earth, as the North Pole and the South Pole.
choleric having a quick temper; easily angered.
clout (informal) influence or power to persuade.
compassion a feeling of sharing another's suffering that leads to a desire to help.
connive to join secretly in a plot; conspire.
diverge to extend or move away in different directions from a common point.
encampment a place where a rough, temporary living area has been set up.
flagrant exceptionally or glaringly noticeable.
inane devoid of meaning or substance; nonsensical.
interrelate to place in or come into a shared, mutual, or reciprocal relationship.
nonchalant not showing excitement or anxiety; coolly confident, unflustered, or unworried;casually indifferent.
presentiment an intuition or sense of something about to happen; foreboding.
suppress to stop the activities or progress of, especially by force.