Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affirmation the act of affirming.
bulwark a wall or wall-like structure, often made of earth and used for defense; rampart.
buoyancy the capacity to float or rise to the top in a liquid or gas.
comradeship friendship based on shared or group activities or interests.
delude to cause to hold a false belief; mislead; deceive.
infidelity unfaithfulness, especially to marital vows; adultery.
informant one who reports or confides what he or she knows to another; source.
iterate to say or do again or repeatedly.
lucid easy to understand; articulate; clear.
mediate to act as an intermediary in (a dispute) or bring about (an agreement).
nonchalant not showing excitement or anxiety; coolly confident, unflustered, or unworried;casually indifferent.
progenitor an ancestor or forebear.
pseudonym a false name adopted by someone, especially an author, to conceal his or her identity; pen name.
spar2 to make boxing movements without hitting hard, as for practice or in fun.
voluminous having or characterized by great size or quantity.