Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abrade to rub away by friction; erode.
annul to make nonexistent or ineffective; cancel.
bigot one who is prejudiced against and intolerant of any group or belief that is not his or her own, especially religious, racial, or ethnic.
crux an essential, basic, crucial, or pivotal point.
culminate to arrive at a climax or conclusion (usually followed by "in").
desist to stop acting in a certain way.
diffident unsure of oneself; shy; demure.
eulogize to speak or write high praise of, or make a formal tribute to (usually a dead person).
languid lacking or not showing strength, energy, or spirit; weak, slow, or listless.
laudable worthy of praise.
miff to cause (someone) to become annoyed; offend.
ostentatious done or designed with the intention of impressing others and consequently overly showy or grandiose; pretentious.
pellucid extremely clear in meaning.
stipend any periodic payment of money, such as a salary or allowance.
succulent full of juice or sap; juicy.