Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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adjoin to be next to; border on.
affinity a strong sense of liking; a natural attraction or sympathy.
caricature a depiction, in a drawing or verbal description, that deliberately exaggerates or distorts some features of the person or thing represented to produce a comic or grotesque appearance.
concoct to make by putting together a number of parts or ingredients.
dextrous variant of dexterous.
gratuitous given or done without sufficient reason or justification; unwarranted.
incipient starting to exist or become apparent; in an early stage of development.
lethargy a state of having very low energy with drowsiness and apathy; lassitude.
nominal in name alone.
patriarch a man who is the leader of a family or tribe.
penchant a strong liking for or inclination towards something.
quiescent in a state of inaction or rest; dormant.
readjust to adapt oneself anew.
remit to refrain from carrying out; cancel.
scourge someone or something that inflicts punishment or causes suffering or destruction.