Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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artisan a person skilled in making things, especially by using the hands. People such as those who make furniture, quilts, or other crafts are artisans.
cavil to make petty criticisms or objections; carp (usually followed by "at" or "about").
cordon a chain of guards or military stations forming a defense or containment line around an area.
elitist believing in, supporting, or promoting the superiority of a select or privileged group.
emaciated extremely thin, as from starvation or disease.
expulsion an act or instance of forcing out, or the state of being forced out.
indict to formally accuse (someone) of a crime in a court of law after studying evidence.
insubstantial lacking firmness or solidity; slight.
ornamentation decoration; embellishment.
prelude an introductory event or act; preface; preliminary.
propaganda information or opinions that are made public to promote or attack a movement, cause, or person.
propound to propose or set forth for consideration.
recrimination an accusation made in response to being accused by another, or the act of countering one accusation with another.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority.
tractable easy to manage or guide; docile.