Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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allusive abounding in or characterized by indirect references to culture, history, or other works of art, which are to be recognized or understood by the audience.
analogous similar or corresponding in some particular manner.
choleric having a quick temper; easily angered.
cogitate to think over something carefully or at length.
condescend to act as if one were of superior rank or station, treating others as inferior; patronize.
culpable guilty of a mistake or fault; blameworthy.
dilapidated fallen into ruin or decay.
fissure a narrow crevice or other opening, especially one caused by splitting.
invoke to call out to (a god, muse, or the like) for help, support, protection, or inspiration.
licentious not within the bounds of morality or propriety, especially with regard to sexual conduct; immoral; lewd.
prowess great skill or talent; superior ability.
stark in all respects; total; extreme.
tumultuous full of noise, commotion, or disorder; riotous.
unvaried marked by a lack of diversity; never changing.