Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit.
commandeer to force (a civilian) into, or seize (goods) for, the military.
dissipate to cause to disappear by, or as though by, dispersing or dissolving.
experimentation the act, process, or practice of running tests or trials.
incise to cut into the surface of.
interpose to insert (a comment, question, criticism, or the like) in the course of a conversation or speech.
maturation the act or process of becoming fully grown or developed, in structure, behavior, or the like.
myriad of or constituting a great but unspecified number; numberless.
obtuse not keen or quick to notice, feel, or comprehend; dull or insensitive.
supercilious showing an arrogant disregard, as a look, manner, or person.
surmount to get over or past; overcome; conquer.
taint to slightly corrupt or pollute.
treatise a detailed and formal written work, usually dealing systematically with a single theme or subject.
turbid clouded or murky because of stirred-up particles or sediment; muddy.
untimely not occurring at a convenient or appropriate time; poorly timed.