Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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bawdy coarsely or indecently humorous; risqué.
brusque impolitely abrupt in speech or actions; curt.
concurrent existing or occurring at the same time.
condescension patronizing, arrogant behavior or attitude.
credulity an inclination to believe or trust, especially without sufficient basis or evidence; gullibility.
discernible able to be perceived or distinguished.
financier a person skilled in or occupied in financial operations, usually on a large scale.
gesticulation the act or an instance of using hand movements, as to add emphasis or expressiveness to speech.
morbid in an unhealthy, gloomy mental state; preoccupied with sickness, abnormality, or death.
nemesis that which one cannot beat, conquer, or succeed at; cause or agent of one's often repeated downfall.
nicety a subtle distinction; fine point.
nostalgia a longing for the past.
pinnacle the highest point or part of anything; apex; summit.
reclaim to recover the use of (land areas) that can be drained, built up, or otherwise reconditioned.
sedentary involving or characterized by sitting or little physical activity.