Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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agrarian pertaining to the ownership, tenure, or cultivation of land.
anarchist a person who believes in, desires, or tries to realize a society or state without a government.
capitalist one who supports an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned, and prices are chiefly determined by open competition in a free market.
demoralize to weaken or destroy the confidence, courage, spirit, or morale of.
disparity the condition or an instance of being unlike, unequal, or of different kinds; difference.
fallacy a false or misleading idea or notion, especially one that is commonly held.
fraternal of, related to, or like a brother or brothers.
idealist a person with high or noble principles, goals, or codes of action.
infringe to cross established limits; encroach; trespass (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
introspection examination of one's own thoughts, emotions, and sensations; self-scrutiny.
jeopardize to cause to be in danger or at risk; imperil.
revitalize to bring new life to.
seclusion the act of isolating or hiding away, or the condition of being isolated in this way.
skepticism distrust or disbelief, or a general tendency to doubt and question.
skiff a small, light boat that may have sails but can be rowed by one oarsman.