Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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contraband goods banned by law from being imported or exported.
dulcet pleasing to the ear; melodious.
elliptical tending toward or characterized by an economy of expression that creates ambiguity or obscurity, often purposefully.
glib speaking or prone to speak easily and fluently, especially in a careless or thoughtless manner, with little concern for the truth.
hedonistic adhering to or characterized by the principle that pleasure should be the primary aim in life.
impasse a situation that allows no escape or solution; stalemate.
incipient starting to exist or become apparent; in an early stage of development.
insolvent incapable of paying debts or meeting liabilities; penniless; bankrupt.
judicious characterized by or using sound judgment; wise; prudent.
mystical spiritually powerful, significant, or symbolic.
progression the act of moving forward or onward.
reassess to evaluate again.
rhetoric the art, ability, or study of using language effectively in speech or writing, especially to influence or persuade one's audience.
sojourn to live for a short time in a place; stay temporarily.
subvert to overthrow or destroy, or cause the destruction of (an established authority, especially a national government).