Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amalgamation the act, process, or result of combining two or more, often disparate, things.
bilious ill-tempered; irritable.
bucolic of or suggesting the countryside or a rustic style of life, especially one that is quiet and pleasant.
conclusive serving to reach a final answer or decision, or to settle.
counterfeiter one who makes fraudulent imitations or copies, especially of money.
derogatory having the purpose or effect of detracting; disparaging.
idolatry unquestioning or excessive devotion or adoration.
impregnate to make (a female animal or human) pregnant, or to make (an egg) fertile.
nascent coming into being or starting to develop.
nuance a subtle quality or difference in tone, meaning, color, or the like; shade.
predilection an inclination to favor something; partiality or preference.
risqué very close to indecency or indelicacy; sexually suggestive; racy.
sporadic occurring irregularly or in a thinly scattered manner in time or space.
supercilious showing an arrogant disregard, as a look, manner, or person.
virtuoso a person who demonstrates exceptional ability, style, or skill, especially in music.