Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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acclamation enthusiastic applause; loud expression of approval.
benevolent desiring to do good for others; generous.
deviate to turn away from a direct course or one that has already been set.
diligent trying hard and steadily to achieve a goal.
ephemeral lasting for only a short period.
flippant disrespectful or indifferent to someone or something worthy of respect; shallowly humorous.
heterogeneous made up of parts or members that differ from each other. (Cf. homogeneous.)
interdependent relying on or needing one another.
namesake one who has been named after another.
nullify to cause to have no value or consequence.
preemptive of or relating to a strike or attack such as a bid in bridge or a military attack, made in anticipation of or to prevent an opposing strike.
quandary a situation of uncertainty, puzzlement, or hesitation; dilemma.
renunciation the act or an instance of giving up or rejecting something, usually as a sacrifice; renouncing.
revelry noisy merrymaking.
revert to return to a previous state, practice, belief, or the like.