Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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aftermath the result or consequence of an event.
bombast boastful, pompous, or otherwise overblown utterances.
culmination the highest point; zenith; climax.
culpable guilty of a mistake or fault; blameworthy.
distend to swell or cause to swell from, or as if from, internal pressure; balloon.
ductile able to withstand stress without breaking, as in drawing out into wire or pounding thin.
exude to emit or give off from, or as if from, the pores of the skin.
malady an illness of the body or mind.
nebulous hazy, confused, or indistinct.
nicety a subtle distinction; fine point.
plenitude abundance; fullness.
ravenous very hungry; starved.
unctuous excessively or falsely earnest or amiable.
vaporize to cause to become or diffuse as a vapor or gas; atomize; evaporate.
venerate to treat or regard with great respect, honor, or reverence.