Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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adversary a person, group, or thing that is against another; opponent; enemy.
amicable characterized by good will; friendly.
audacity courage or boldness often combined with daring or recklessness.
demure quiet, shy, modest, or reserved in manner.
diffuse in the physical sciences, to flow toward regions of lower concentration.
enormity the quality of surpassing moral limits; offensive or disgraceful character.
finite limited in number, quantity, or duration; capable of being measured. (Cf. infinite.)
incorporate to include as part of a larger thing; blend.
lineage1 descent from or the descendants of a common or particular ancestor or ancestry.
mannerism a distinctive and habitual behavioral characteristic.
obligatory required; compulsory.
rarefy to make less dense.
sumptuous large, lavish, or splendid, especially when created at great cost.
tenet any belief, opinion, doctrine, or the like, that a person or especially an organization holds as being true.
zealous characterized by, showing, or filled with an intense enthusiasm, as toward a cause, purpose, or activity.