Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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erroneous containing or based on a mistake; incorrect.
exhort to advise, urge, or incite with great seriousness.
hew to follow or obey strictly.
infidel one who does not believe in or accept a religious faith, especially that of Christianity or Islam.
insensible without normal sensations; unconscious.
laud to praise.
mainstay the main support of something.
ostentatious done or designed with the intention of impressing others and consequently overly showy or grandiose; pretentious.
peccadillo a minor sin or offense, or a slight fault.
proliferate to spread or increase quickly.
stymie throw an obstacle in the way of (something or someone); impede; thwart.
tenacious holding on or tending to hold on strongly or persistently (sometimes followed by "of").
timorous showing or marked by fear; fearful; timid.
unvaried marked by a lack of diversity; never changing.
vouch to promise to be true, real, or correct (usually followed by "for").