Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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auspicious likely to be followed by favorable events.
bromide a bland or trite remark or idea.
climactic pertaining to, reaching, or being the point of highest interest or intensity in a series of increasingly important points or events.
condolence sympathy with a grieving or suffering person.
lassitude lack of mental or physical energy; weariness or listlessness; lethargy.
monologue a long speech or reading given by a single speaker.
oblivion the state or condition of being entirely forgotten.
pathological afflicted with or caused by a physical or especially a mental disorder.
posterity all generations to come.
primacy the state of being first, earliest, most essential, or most important.
reverential characterized by a great respect and awe, mingled with love.
ruffian one who is tough and violent; bully; thug.
satirical containing or marked by the use of parody or irony to ridicule or denounce human corruptness or folly.
supplant to replace (someone or something) especially by dishonest or forceful means.
vacuous characterized by lack of intelligence or serious intent; devoid of ideas or emotion.