Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abscond to leave suddenly and secretly, especially to avoid observation or capture.
concoct to make by putting together a number of parts or ingredients.
decadence a decline into immorality; loss of moral values.
echelon a level of authority or rank, as in an organization.
ingratiate to seek or secure another's favor or approval for (oneself).
loquacious given to talking much or excessively; garrulous.
meticulous very careful or precise.
minuscule so small as to be almost negligible; tiny.
orientation the act or process of preparing oneself or others for a new situation.
particularity precise or detailed character.
prosaic straightforward and plain; unimaginative; dull.
relegate to send or consign to a condition, place, or position of lesser importance or esteem.
scintillate to send out sparks.
simpleminded not complex or sophisticated.
transgression the act or an instance of violating a law, religious commandment, or the like; sin; crime; trespass.