Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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demoralize to weaken or destroy the confidence, courage, spirit, or morale of.
echelon a level of authority or rank, as in an organization.
fallacy a false or misleading idea or notion, especially one that is commonly held.
impassioned full of strong emotion.
impregnate to make (a female animal or human) pregnant, or to make (an egg) fertile.
luxuriant growing thickly and in great numbers; lush.
nomenclature a specialized system or set of names and terms used in a particular science, art, or other field of study or training.
observable able to be seen; visible.
parameter any of a set of specifications or limits, the value or variations of which determine the form or behavior of something.
prudent showing good judgment and caution; sensible.
recurrent happening again or repeatedly.
sally a sudden forward attack or rush from a defensive position by a military force.
self-determination the ability or freedom of a people to decide their own form of government.
tussle to fight or struggle roughly or energetically; scuffle.
unnoticed not seen, perceived, or discovered.