Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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categorical with no exceptions or conditions; absolute.
counterpoint a method of composing or arranging music in which diverse but harmonious melodies are played at the same time.
crossbreed to cause (a hybrid organism) to be produced by mating two different varieties of the same species.
enigma something puzzling, contradictory, or mysterious; something for which a solution cannot be found.
expurgate to remove from a book or the like material considered to be offensive or erroneous prior to publication.
forage food for animals such as horses or cattle.
necessitate to make unavoidable; require.
opulent having or displaying wealth and luxury.
oratory1 the art of public speaking.
overture an opening move to begin something.
proficient adept or skilled, usually as a result of study or practice.
stratum a level in a social hierarchy.
unobservable not able to be seen; not detectable.
vacillate to hesitate or waver in giving an opinion or making a decision; be indecisive.
waylay to attack or accost unexpectedly after lying in wait for.