Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amenity (plural) social courtesies; agreeable manners; pleasantries.
enumerate to name or list one by one.
fulcrum that which other things are contingent upon or built around; a pivotal point or agent.
gender the sex of a person or animal.
misnomer an incorrect or inappropriate name.
myriad of or constituting a great but unspecified number; numberless.
orientation the act or process of preparing oneself or others for a new situation.
perdition the loss of the soul for eternity; damnation.
pessimist one who usually expects a bad outcome.
posterity all generations to come.
presumption a belief that is taken for granted but not proved.
prevaricate to lie, mislead, or conceal the truth deliberately.
scanty barely adequate; meager.
subside to become less; decrease.
unyielding hard; firm; resistant to pressure or force.