Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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acumen superior insight; quickness and shrewdness of judgment, especially in practical matters.
audit an often official examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy, or the report of such an examination.
conservationist a person who promotes and encourages preservation, especially of natural resources.
debase to reduce in value, quality, esteem, or character.
decimation the act of destroying a large part or number of something.
illicit not permitted by custom or law; illegitimate.
impassable impossible to go past, through, over, or around.
impending about to occur or appear.
inveterate persisting in a habit, action, feeling, or the like.
monolithic large, unyielding, and without diversity.
personify to be a perfect or typical example of; embody.
raucous loud, sharp, and rasping, as, at times, a bird's call or a human's voice or laugh.
sensual related to or providing pleasure from the ways humans perceive stimuli, such as through touch, taste, or smell.
stratum a level in a social hierarchy.
unintelligible not able to be understood, as spoken or written language.