Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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convergent tending to move toward a common point or intersection.
delineate to describe or portray in precise or vivid detail.
euphemism the word or expression so substituted.
exemplar one worthy to be imitated or studied; model.
indubitable without question; certain.
innumerable very many.
lackadaisical lacking energy, determination, or enthusiasm; listless or lazy.
linguistic of or pertaining to language or the study of language.
manifesto a public statement of principles and intentions, usually by an organized political group or person.
pejorative acting or tending to create a negative impression; disparaging; demeaning.
preeminent surpassing others in importance and prominence; foremost.
recalcitrant stubbornly disobedient; refractory.
resonance ability to make a strong or lasting effect, especially because of an emotional association.
spurious not genuine, authentic, or valid; false.
subvert to overthrow or destroy, or cause the destruction of (an established authority, especially a national government).