Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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apex the highest point; tip.
avocation a secondary occupation, usually one pursued for recreation; hobby.
bower1 a pleasant, secluded alcove or shelter created by leafy trees or shrubbery.
diverge to extend or move away in different directions from a common point.
ebullient highly enthusiastic, happily excited, or spirited.
enfranchise to give the rights of a citizen to, especially the right to vote.
enumerate to name or list one by one.
gouge a cut or hole made with something sharp.
grapple to grasp, twist, or wrestle in close combat.
interdependent relying on or needing one another.
magnanimity generosity or willingness to forgive.
meritorious having worth or high quality; deserving of praise or reward.
remuneration pay, reward, or compensation.
scruple a belief about right and wrong that keeps a person from doing something that may be bad.
voracious consuming large quantities of food with greed or great desire; ravenous.