Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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belated too late; tardy.
conservatism a general preference for the traditional; disinclination to change.
credo any formulation of belief, especially a religious one.
denunciation the act of verbally condemning or attacking.
garish marked by excessive or tasteless color or decoration; gaudy; flashy.
inexhaustible unable to be used up; endless.
malice the wish to harm others; ill will.
portend to serve as a sign or warning of; bode.
precedent an action that may serve as an example for future acts of the same nature.
ramshackle poorly constructed or in disrepair; rickety.
reassess to evaluate again.
synthesis the combining of discrete elements into a unified compound or entity, or the unified whole formed by such a combining.
turncoat one who changes from one party, allegiance, or the like, to the opposite, especially a traitor.
uniformity the state or quality of being uniform; overall sameness.
wend to go along or proceed on (one's way).