Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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askance with distrust or suspicion.
augury the art or practice or an instance of predicting the future or obtaining hidden knowledge by interpreting omens.
bathos a sudden descent from an exalted style or esteemed state to the commonplace.
bellicose easily incited to quarrel or fight; belligerent.
cognizant aware; informed (usually followed by "of").
divergence the act of separating and moving or leading in different directions.
eidetic pertaining to or designating the ability to recall images in almost perfect detail.
electuary a drug mixed with honey, syrup, or the like to form a paste to be smeared on the teeth or gums of a sick animal.
halcyon tranquil; peaceful; calm.
macerate to soften (food or the like) by soaking, as in digestion.
parlance manner of speaking or writing, especially word choice; vernacular.
paroxysm a sudden strong outburst of feelings or actions.
reprise repetition of a musical phrase or theme in an identical or slightly altered way.
rodomontade puffed-up boasting or bravado.
triage a system of determining priority of medical treatment, on the basis of need, chances of survival, and the like, to victims on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency ward.