Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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astringent a substance or drug that contracts body tissue and slows discharge or secretion.
brash rudely self-assertive; bold; impudent.
electuary a drug mixed with honey, syrup, or the like to form a paste to be smeared on the teeth or gums of a sick animal.
flagitious viciously or shamefully wicked; infamous.
garble to mix up, distort, or confuse (a message, translation, or the like); cause to be disordered or unintelligible.
heterodox deviating from an officially approved belief or doctrine, especially in religion.
iatrogenic caused by a physician or medical treatment, especially from drugs or surgery.
inanition a state of exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment.
lacuna a gap or omitted part.
neologism a new word, phrase, or usage.
picayune having little value or significance; small; paltry.
pleonasm a redundant word, phrase, or expression.
uxorial of, pertaining to, or befitting a wife.
virago a shrewish, domineering woman; nag or scold.
welter to roll about or wallow, as in mud or the open sea.