Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abeyance temporary suspension or cessation.
assuage to make less severe or more bearable; alleviate.
austere having only what is needed; very simple or plain.
concur to share the same opinion; agree.
debauch to lead or seduce into immorality or intemperance; corrupt.
derision mockery or ridicule.
desideratum something that is needed or wanted.
disabuse to free (a person) from misconception or deception; set straight.
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject.
dissimulate to hide one's true feelings, intentions, or the like by pretense or hypocrisy.
glut a greater supply or amount than is needed.
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
maunder to speak in an aimless or foolish way; babble.
munificent having or showing great generosity.
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.