Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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accretion the process of gradual increase or growth, especially by additions from the outside.
benign causing little or no harm.
cachet prestige.
coddle to simmer in water that is almost at the boiling point.
deify to raise to the rank of a god; consider to be a god.
epicure a person who has cultivated tastes, as in food or wine; connoisseur.
flout to show scorn or contempt for, especially by openly or deliberately disobeying.
froward unwilling to agree or obey; stubborn; perverse.
jeremiad a long complaint about life or one's situation; lamentation.
mendicant living on charity; begging.
parlous full of dangers or risks; perilous.
penumbra an indefinite, borderline area.
refulgent shining brilliantly; radiant.
saturnine gloomy, sullen, or cynical in temperament or appearance.
scabrous characterized by a rough or scaly surface, as the leaf of a plant.