Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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accretion the process of gradual increase or growth, especially by additions from the outside.
adulteration the act or process of making worse or impure by adding unnecessary or inferior ingredients.
aggregate a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements.
astute keen in understanding and judgment; shrewd.
baleful threatening harm; full of malice; ominous.
cavalier carefree and offhand; nonchalant.
discountenance to embarrass or disconcert.
disheveled not neat; messy.
fungible interchangeable.
humanism a doctrine or mode of thought that gives highest importance to human dignity, values, potentials, and achievements.
immaculate not dirty; completely clean.
lacuna a gap or omitted part.
luminary a famous, important, or inspirational person.
misanthrope someone who hates or distrusts humanity.
truculent extremely hostile or belligerent; inclined to fight.