Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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adamantine firmly decided or fixed; unyielding.
antediluvian hopelessly old-fashioned; primitive; outdated.
ascertain to learn without question; determine.
cognoscente someone who has exceptional knowledge in a given area, especially of fashion, literature, or the fine arts; connoisseur.
deign to consider some act to be appropriate or in keeping with one's dignity; condescend.
doyen the senior or highest-ranking male member of a group.
electuary a drug mixed with honey, syrup, or the like to form a paste to be smeared on the teeth or gums of a sick animal.
flak (informal) irritating opposition, criticism, or dissent.
flummox (informal) to confuse or puzzle.
fracas a noisy disturbance or quarrel.
mésalliance marriage with someone of lower social standing than oneself.
penury severe poverty; pennilessness.
remonstrate to say in opposition, protest, or objection.
shunt to turn or move aside or out of the way; divert.
vitiate to harm the quality of; mar; spoil.