Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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amity friendly and peaceful relations; good will.
canny difficult to fool or take advantage of; shrewd; wary; clever.
corollary a readily drawn conclusion; deduction or inference.
dilatory used to cause a delay.
duress intimidation or coercion.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous.
granulate to make into small particles or grains.
hagiography an admiring and uncritical biography of anyone.
imprimatur any official permission or sanction.
impromptu without advance plan or preparation; spontaneously.
mahatma (sometimes capitalized) in Buddhism and theosophy, any of a class of persons revered for their wisdom and love of humanity.
prerogative an exclusive right or privilege derived from one's office, position, age, citizenship, birth, or the like.
pretentious assuming or marked by an air of importance or superiority that is unwarranted.
sanguine having an optimistic temperament or outlook.
veneration a feeling of great respect; awe; reverence.