Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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apocryphal of dubious authorship or authority.
apprise to inform (often followed by "of").
argot the vocabulary or jargon characteristic of a specific group or class, especially of criminals.
crass lacking in sensitivity or refinement; crude.
eidetic pertaining to or designating the ability to recall images in almost perfect detail.
epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge.
expiation the act or the means of making amends, as for a sin or crime.
homily any discourse offering moral advice or admonitions.
imbricate overlapping in an even sequence, as roof tiles or fish scales.
inanition a state of exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment.
lenitive mitigating pain, discomfort, or distress; soothing.
nostrum a favorite but unproven scheme or theory, offered as a remedy for social or political problems; panacea.
pedantic making or characterized by an excessive display of learnedness, or overly insistent on scholarly details and formalities.
quadrant any of the four parts that result when an area is divided by two lines, real or imaginary, that intersect each other at right angles.
shunt to turn or move aside or out of the way; divert.