Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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attenuate to cause to be thin, rarefied, or fine.
bibulous addicted to alcohol; alcoholic.
cognomen a last name; surname.
cyst a small pouch within body tissue that is filled with fluid or air. Some cysts are connected with serious disease, but most are not harmful at all.
declivity a downward or descending slope.
hagiography an admiring and uncritical biography of anyone.
impermeable not permitting passage or penetration.
irrefragable impossible to refute or dispute; undeniable.
jejune lacking interest or liveliness; dull.
luminary a famous, important, or inspirational person.
nostrum a favorite but unproven scheme or theory, offered as a remedy for social or political problems; panacea.
peremptory not permitting refusal or disobedience.
recrudesce to become active again or break out anew, as a disease or harmful condition.
travesty something so grotesque or inferior as to seem a parody.
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.