Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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accretion the process of gradual increase or growth, especially by additions from the outside.
affidavit a written statement that is sworn in the presence of an authorized official to be true, used as legal evidence.
corollary a readily drawn conclusion; deduction or inference.
crass lacking in sensitivity or refinement; crude.
determinism the belief or teaching that every effect, including human thoughts and actions, is completely and predictably brought about by preceding causes and that, therefore, free will does not exist.
etiolate to weaken, especially through deprivation of normal development.
gamut the whole extent or range of anything.
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt.
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside.
laconic using very few words; succinct; terse.
meretricious appealing or attracting in a cheap, showy, or shallow way.
misfeasance a normally lawful act performed in an unlawful way.
nonpareil a person or thing whose excellence is unequaled; paragon.
pelf money or wealth, usually regarded with disapproval or contempt.
syntax the word order or pattern of word order in a sentence.