Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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adamantine firmly decided or fixed; unyielding.
aggregate a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements.
glean to gather or discover (facts, information, or the like) a little at a time.
humanism a doctrine or mode of thought that gives highest importance to human dignity, values, potentials, and achievements.
imbricate overlapping in an even sequence, as roof tiles or fish scales.
incumbent currently holding an office or position.
internecine of or pertaining to conflict, discord, or struggle within a group.
lachrymose weeping, tending to weep readily, or being on the point of tears; tearful.
munificent having or showing great generosity.
occlude to close or obstruct (a passage or opening, one's vision, or the like).
pinchbeck false, sham, or counterfeit.
reprise repetition of a musical phrase or theme in an identical or slightly altered way.
sartorial of or pertaining to tailors or tailored clothing, especially men's clothing.
solipsism the self-centered habit of interpreting and judging all things exclusively according to one's own concepts of meaning and value.
sudorific causing or increasing sweat, as a medication.