Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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constrict to pull or squeeze in; make smaller or more narrow; tighten.
curmudgeon an irritable or ill-tempered person.
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
disheveled not neat; messy.
effete marked by excessive refinement or delicateness of taste.
emote to express or simulate feelings, especially in an exaggerated or theatrical manner.
equivocal having at least two plausible alternative meanings, often intentionally so in order to deceive or avoid commitment; ambiguous.
figurehead a person whose title sounds important but who has no real power.
garrulous given to talking excessively.
highbrow one who has or pretends to have highly sophisticated intellectual and cultural interests and tastes (often used disparagingly).
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause.
interdict to deter or impede by the steady use of firepower.
maverick a person who thinks and behaves independently, especially one who refuses to adhere to the orthodoxy of the group to which he or she belongs.
oblique not direct or straightforward in intent, means, or achievement; indirect or devious.
obtrude to thrust or force (oneself, one's concerns, or one's opinions) on another or others without being asked.