Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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belie to give a false impression of.
curmudgeon an irritable or ill-tempered person.
deter to stop or discourage from some action by creating doubt or fear.
disencumber to remove burdens or hindrances from.
entreat to beg for something, or to do something.
equipoise a state of balance or equal weight, importance, or the like; equilibrium.
facsimile an exact copy or duplicate of something printed or of a picture.
liminal of or at the threshold of a physiological or psychological response or change of state.
lupine2 fierce; greedy.
nonpareil a person or thing whose excellence is unequaled; paragon.
opprobrious expressing condemnation or scorn; accusing of shameful behavior.
solipsism the self-centered habit of interpreting and judging all things exclusively according to one's own concepts of meaning and value.
unabashed not feeling or showing embarrassment, uneasiness, or shame.
veneration a feeling of great respect; awe; reverence.
virago a shrewish, domineering woman; nag or scold.