Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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appurtenance (plural) equipment or instruments used for a given purpose; gear.
canard a deliberately false story or rumor, usually defamatory to someone.
deign to consider some act to be appropriate or in keeping with one's dignity; condescend.
engender to create or give rise to.
epigraph a pertinent quotation or motto, especially found at the beginning of a literary work or of a chapter.
extralegal not regulated or permitted by law; outside of legal authority.
gloaming late evening; dusk; twilight.
glut a greater supply or amount than is needed.
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause.
indemnity insurance against damage, loss, or liability.
insipid having a bland or uninteresting flavor; tasteless.
salvo the firing of guns or other firearms simultaneously or in succession, especially as a salute.
sanctimony a pretense of righteousness or piety; feigned devotion or holiness.
triage a system of determining priority of medical treatment, on the basis of need, chances of survival, and the like, to victims on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency ward.
virago a shrewish, domineering woman; nag or scold.