Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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attune to adjust so as to be harmonious.
cyst a small pouch within body tissue that is filled with fluid or air. Some cysts are connected with serious disease, but most are not harmful at all.
deracinate to pull up by or as if by the roots; uproot; isolate; exile.
derelict failing to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations; remiss.
disinter to dig up or remove from a place of burial; exhume.
facetious not serious; humorous or frivolous.
granulate to make into small particles or grains.
halcyon tranquil; peaceful; calm.
heinous extremely wicked or despicable; atrocious.
ingenuous having or showing simplicity and lack of sophistication; artless.
irrefragable impossible to refute or dispute; undeniable.
mirabile dictu (Latin) wonderful to say or relate.
stipple a method of painting, drawing, or engraving by applying small points, dots, or dabs to a surface.
trabeated using horizontal beams or lintels as supports instead of arches.
travesty something so grotesque or inferior as to seem a parody.