Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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derelict failing to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations; remiss.
diatribe a bitter, abusive attack in speech or writing.
epicene sharing the traits of both sexes.
indulgent gratifying, or being inclined to gratify or yield to others' wishes, especially rather than enforcing discipline or strictness.
interdict to deter or impede by the steady use of firepower.
mélange a mixture, usually of very dissimilar elements.
modus operandi a method of accomplishing something; way of working.
pliant easily flexed; supple.
precursory coming before and serving to indicate what will follow; premonitory.
profligate totally given over to immoral and shameful pursuits; dissolute.
quadrant any of the four parts that result when an area is divided by two lines, real or imaginary, that intersect each other at right angles.
shibboleth a slogan, phrase, or belief that characterizes or is held devotedly by a group.
stately dignified.
topography the shape of the earth's surface across an area or region. The topography of an area includes the size and location of hills and dips in the land.
untoward unexpected and unfortunate.