Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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aberration a deviation from what is considered normal or right; irregularity.
abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme.
attenuate to cause to be thin, rarefied, or fine.
cachet prestige.
castellated constructed with turrets and battlements like a castle.
desideratum something that is needed or wanted.
devolve of a duty or the like, to be passed on to someone else.
entreat to beg for something, or to do something.
epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge.
granulate to make into small particles or grains.
insipid having a bland or uninteresting flavor; tasteless.
minatory presenting a threat; menacing.
obfuscate to make (something) seem or be difficult to understand; obscure or darken.
raffish carelessly unconventional or disreputable, sometimes appealingly so.
somatic of or pertaining to the body itself; corporeal.