Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abash to cause to feel embarrassed, uneasy, or ashamed.
arrant complete; unmitigated; downright.
beatify to admire or exalt as superior.
blatant completely obvious or undisguised, sometimes offensively so.
conclave a secret, private, or confidential meeting or gathering.
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
Úlan enthusiasm or vigor.
encomium a formal expression of praise.
exceptionable likely to be objected to; objectionable.
intersperse to place or scatter among other things.
neologism a new word, phrase, or usage.
pelf money or wealth, usually regarded with disapproval or contempt.
putrefaction the act or process of rotting or decomposing.
Sabbatarian one who observes the Sabbath on Saturday, as Jews and certain Christians.
shunt to turn or move aside or out of the way; divert.