Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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apropos appropriate; relevant; opportune.
blithe indifferent or casual; unconcerned.
doggerel trivial, crudely constructed verse.
gamut the whole extent or range of anything.
germane having relevance to a given matter; pertinent; significant.
granulate to make into small particles or grains.
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
imprecation a curse, uttered or thought of.
inanition a state of exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment.
indurate to make hard in texture; harden.
innocuous not capable of causing damage; harmless.
misfeasance a normally lawful act performed in an unlawful way.
prolix wordy and boringly long.
remonstrate to say in opposition, protest, or objection.
tummler an entertainer or social director who encourages participation by guests or audience.