Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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ambidextrous able to use both the left and right hands with equal skill.
assuage to make less severe or more bearable; alleviate.
conjoin to combine for a common purpose.
dearth a shortage or scarcity of something; lack.
debauch to lead or seduce into immorality or intemperance; corrupt.
diatribe a bitter, abusive attack in speech or writing.
erudite having or showing a high level of scholarly knowledge; learned.
expiation the act or the means of making amends, as for a sin or crime.
guru in a cult or religious movement, a spiritual guide or leader, sometimes believed to be divine.
interdict to deter or impede by the steady use of firepower.
laconic using very few words; succinct; terse.
macrocosm a large unit or entity that represents on a large scale one of its smaller components.
pelf money or wealth, usually regarded with disapproval or contempt.
repose2 to put or place (confidence, hope, or the like) in someone or something.
revetment a facing of stone, masonry, or the like to support or protect a wall, embankment, or mound of earth.